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Are you sure that your Will or Living Trust you may have done years ago covers your current and future needs? Have circumstances changed that make your current documents obsolete? 

How do you know that you were asked all the right questions back when you did your original estate planning? 

We have created a system that can help you deal with these issues. You can find the answers by using our system, without any cost or obligation, before you decide to incur any fees at all. 

You have three choices in regard to your current estate plan;

  1. You can do nothing and hope for the best! But that may not result in a happy outcome.

  2. You may pay someone to review your documents and to discuss with you any changes that have taken place that would call for your amending or completely replacing your current documents.

  3. You can use the Virtual Estate Planning Questionnaire, completely free, to see if all the right questions have been asked, particularly in regard to your current family situation and the future needs that may arise.

Only if you decide that you need to replace or amend your current documents, would you decide to incur a fee. And you only need to do this if the amendments that you discovered are substantial enough to warrant a new set of documents. 

We make this option available to selected clients who are invited by us or who are recommended by one of the professional members of our Elite Estate Planning Network. We reserve the right to restrict the use of our system if, at our sole discretion, it appears that it is being abused. You will need a referral code for this purpose. If you did not get one from your estate planning adviser, or if you do not have one, send us an email. That information is on the Contact page. 

Our objective is for you to have an enjoyable experience, without your feeling compelled to purchase anything. The best result for us is that you will refer others to us for the same enjoyable experience. We will give you an opportunity to rate your experience with us, and we hope that our service will be deserving of the highest rating. If not, we want to know about it.

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